This woman amused everyone for raising her newborn son despite being mentally-handicapped and homeless


A mother’s love knows no bounds even and is never ending even when mothers have difficulties to raise their children. Recently, a homeless and mentally-handicapped Filipino woman was found to have given birth to a baby boy and tried her best to raise her newborn despite her suffering from mental illness and poverty.

Even when the woman was barely surviving, she still wanted to take care and raise her baby

In these modern days when unwanted babies are abandoned on the street and in the dumpster, the thought has never crossed this woman’s mind.

According to her, the baby has given her life a new meaning and she would raise her baby as best as she could

Honey Stepie posted a series of photos of the mentally-handicapped woman with her newborn son on Facebook, showing pictures of the woman lovingly gazing at her sleeping son.

However, the woman’s location was not stated clearly but the post suggets that the photos were taken somewhere in the Philippines

When the post became viral on the Internet, many people were concerned with the well-being of the newborn as his mother was mentally unstable and highly likely could not afford to raise the baby

We truly hope that the single mother will get help and support that she really needs to raise her baby well and to improve her living condition as soon as possible


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