8 hidden signs you should look out for that show a person may be going through depression


Depression is a very serious mental illness that is becoming prevalent in more and more individuals today. Contrary to popular belief, depression is not the same as grief. A person feels grief usually because they have lost something or someone dear to them and this feeling will eventually lessen as time passes. Depression on the other hand is an overwhelming sense of emptiness and disinterest in life itself.

There aren’t very many glaring tell-take signs that show a person may be going through a depressive state. However, if you were to observe closely you can pick out certain behaviors that most people going through depression often portray. It is imperative that if a person shows these symptoms, they should be given the right mental care as soon as possible.

Here are 8 common and subtle signs that show a person may be going through depression.

8. Uncertainty

They use abstract terms that are usually vague and they are also uncertain of themselves. Psychologists say that this is because they no longer think life is worth living and that their existence is pointless.

7. Make Excuses

People who are depressed often use excuses to hide their true desires and feelings of sadness. For example, they will come up with stories on why they can not go to a friend’s birthday or why they can not go out with their co-workers.

People will not give a second thought and for this reason individuals with depression can easily hide what they are going through. The people around them will not expect them to be experiencing any emotional disturbances.

6. Become less sensitive

People in a state of depression interpret surrounding events and events that affect them differently. They lose interest and become more susceptible to other people’s thought and opinions.

They are less sensitive towards feelings of sadness, happiness and grief as they almost become numb to human emotions. Their outward appearances may look strong but they are very fragile in the inside.

5. Psychosomatic disease

Depression actually manifests itself outwardly in terms of physical sickness. Depressed individuals usually complain about heart disease, tension on their hands and feet, breathing difficulties, headaches, toothaches and so on.

Sometimes health checks will show that these people are perfectly fine but regardless they still feel like something is physically wrong with them.

4. Become obsessive

Depressing circumstances will lead a person to overthink and stress about a certain incident. They do this supposedly to seek answers but in reality they fail to find answers that would satisfy them and this will add to their affliction.

People such as these are easy to spot when you interact with them often. This is because they will bring up the same problem over and over again.

3. Messy appearance

The feeling of depression experienced by a person will definitely affect their appearance. If someone starts living in a state of disarray or does not care for the cleanliness of their home and personal hygiene, it may be time to intervene and ask if they are alright. This only applies to those people who do not previously have the habit of being unclean though.

2. Change in daily routine

Those individuals who suffer from depression will be unable to perform their daily routines and tasks efficiently. They are more likely to forget things and will often suffer from fatigue.

It can also apply to the opposite circumstance that is when an inactive person suddenly becomes very active and is absorbed in work so much so that they become workaholics. They may do this to occupy their mind and avoid coming to terms with their feelings.

1. Pretend to be happy

People who are depressed will try to hide behind the facade of a positive mood. This is the reason so many people who carry the weight of depression on them for a long period will tend to do something drastically negative to themselves and people around them never saw it coming.

They will avoid serious conversations and make jokes at every given opportunity. You can only understand and help them with long conversations and make sure you are the some of the people they trust.


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