Can you see faces in inanimate objects? Here are 15 fantastic illusions that show you have ‘Pareidolia’


If you have the ability to look up at the sky and make out an object from the random shapes of clouds, you are experiencing a psychological phenomenon known as ‘Pareidolia’.

Pareidolia can cause people to interpret random images or patterns of light and shadow, as faces. The most common examples are seeing faces in random arrangements of inanimate objects.

Take a look at these 15 hilarious examples below:

#1 This angry monster chicken!

#2 This pair of shoes look like they are up to something

#3 These tortoises reflections look like a pair of bearded men

#4 This olive looks like it’s sick 

#5 This figure of a lady hiding inside an orange 

#6 It looks like this bag is not so keen on leaving the house

#7 This aluminium can choir look like they’re having a good time

#8 This cactus that fell down a cliff is struggling to climb it’s way back up

#9 Here’s a chair that looks happy to be out on the snow strewn balcony

#10 This car’s rear end looks like an angry bad guy 

#11 A cloud of black soot looks like it’s about to devour the humans beneath it

#12 The reflection on these pots look like a pair of smiling faces

#13 This wall hook is terrified for it’s eye!

#14 A fried egg that resembles a spooky ghost

#15 Gee, i wonder what these boxes are excited about!

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