This high school student was scorned by the public for having a daughter out of wedlock. However, she had her own reason and the truth is heartbreaking


Negative perception towards young and single mothers has been around for many years and it remains hard for them to receive supports from the society as they are always thought as ‘wild’ and ‘irresponsible’. It becomes harder for the single mothers in Asian countries where strong moral values and certain conformity are expected in the society. So, when this Indonesian high school student was found out to have a child while she was still unmarried, people around her scorned her. But,little did they know the truth behind that.

The high school girl was just 18 years old and she had already become a mother at such a young age.

▼ Every day, the girl would rush to pick up her daughter as soon as the class ended

Due to her circumstance, there were rumours spread around her school, saying that she was a promiscuous girl who loves to spend the night with men.

When she first heard those harsh rumours, she felt like her heart had been pierced by thousand of sharp knives. However, she refused to listen to the rumours as she had never bothered anyone’s lives and minded her own business.

▼ Furthermore, she had to remain strong for her only daughter

▼ Seeing her daughter’s smile warmed her heart and she believed that her daughter was the best thing that ever happened to her

Her daughter was grateful to have a mother like the girl. They lived a very simple life but they were content with it.

▼ The student’s maternal concern had even caught her daughter’s art teacher’s interest

▼ It was an open day and the little girl looked excited as she had been expecting her mother to come to her school

▼ The little girl then approached her mother who was sitting on a chair and knelt down in front of her

▼ The girl could not hold her tears upon seeing her lovely daughter kneeling down before her

One day, the girl and the art teacher sat down together and talked about the girl’s daughter. The girl then revealed that her daughter was actually adopted. It all began when the little girl was abandoned by her own parents and the student found her. She then decided to adopt and to raise the little baby as her daughter.

Upon hearing the truth, the art teacher was surprised. He asked the girl, “Why don’t you tell people the truth? Don’t you know what they are talking behind you?”

▼ The girl then reply with a touching response, “I’d rather them talk about me than talk about June”

A mother’s love had turned a young student to a loving mother although the child is not her in the first place. As mentioned in the video, every woman is born with their own incomparable inner beauty.

The video is actually based on a real-life story which has been adapted into a short film. Who knows there is an actual superwoman in this world?

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