Men looked excited and pleased when this gorgeous woman asked for their phone number until she took her sunglasses off


Women in the modern day have progressed tremendously through the decades as they have become more empowered in society. Though this may be true, a majority of men still only take into consideration the outward appearance of a woman when they think about  committing to a relationship with them.

A social experiment was conducted in order to find out just how big a role a woman’s appearance played when trying to get a man’s number. DennisCeeTV had asked his attractive female friend to casually walk the streets and ask random guys for their number but this was done with a twist.

Scroll down to watch how the social experiment was played out!

The results did not came as a surprise studies found that most men would always choose a woman as their potential partner based on stunning and beautiful looks. The woman’s personality and character are often less prioritised when it comes to dating.

The actress of the social experiment stopping a man to talk to him

However, what are the chances for a man to go out with a physically attractive woman if she has crossed eyes? Will crossed-eyed woman still stand a chance in dating or their crossed eyes may push men away?

This social experiment was conducted to find out men’s reactions whether or not they would continue the blind date after knowing the woman had crossed eyes even if the woman is visually stunning.

According to the video director, Dennis Cee, “The woman in the video is not naturally crossed-eye and the video was made purely for a social experiment and we did not intend to discriminate or degrade anyone who has crossed eyes.”

The video begins with a beautiful woman whose wearing a pair of sunglasses and dresses up in a sexy top approaches some men from various age. The woman then asks the men about the interesting places in the town and says her intention to make new friends.

Every man the woman approaches looks more than happy to entertain her and even gives out their phone number to arrange for a date

However, soon after the lady takes off her sunglasses to look at the phone number closely and thus, revealing her crossed eyes, all of the men give a shocking reaction to her crossed eyes

All of them quickly reject the woman’s invite and refuse to do as they promise to the lady before she takes her sunglasses off

At the end, all of the men who are approached in the video refuse to give out their phone number and make excuses before walking away.

Some of them even takes it further by insulting the woman’s crossed eyes

The disgusted reaction shown by one of the men in the video as soon as the woman takes off her sunglasses

In just a short time, all of the men never wanted to know the woman any further as soon as they found out that she had crossed eyes.

It was amazing to see how they turned from gentlemen to real jerks in a blink of an eye!

It is a shame that the woman who was obviously looked sexy, smart and friendly got turned down because of her eyes. While all of the men in the video shows that men only look for physical beauty in women, we believe that there must be some men out there who prioritise inner beauty and charming personality over good looks.

In conclusion, men are believed to put a great emphasis on visual aspects so this may highly influence many men to choose potential partner based on their visual preferences.

What do you think of the reactions of the men in the video? Or are you also one of them? Why not share your thoughts in the comments section after watching the whole experiment here


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