This island lets you to take epic and mind-blowing underwater selfies!


Who does not love selfie and share it with friends and family on social media? It is one of the favourite ways to share about the recent updates in our lives and great selfie sure makes a good memory.

If you love taking selfies, why not visit Umbul Ponggok, Indonesia for epic underwater selfies that will blow others’ minds!

Umbul Ponggok is located in Central Java, Indonesia and it is one of the most visited place in the country and a heaven for Instagram lovers for its spectacular beach and unique underwater experience

The fun starts when you dive into the sea!

Umbul Ponggok provides various props that can be used for epic underwater selfies and pictures.

The props ranging from tent, scooter, chairs, tables and even laptops

The visitors can even swim with the wild, colourful fishes who love to surround humans.

It is definitely a perfect background if you have always dreamed of being a mermaid and swimming with fellow sea creatures

This place is even recommended on TripAdvisor by previous travellers

See it for yourself on how amazing and perfect Umbul Ponggok is for your next travel destination!

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