When we leave our houses, must we take out our plugs from the main power socket? Well, 90% of us do it wrong!


At home, electrical appliances require power in the form of electricity to work accordingly. Have you ever wondered whether it is necessary to unplug electrical appliances from the power socket once you are done utilizing them?

This is a very tricky question.

Let us look at several common problems which involve household electrical plugs

  1. Hot water heater

A lot of us feel that when we finished utilizing a hot water heater we need to unplug it to save power, but is this the truth?

According to industry experts, we do not need to plug out the power source to our energy saving hot water heaters because its insulation function requires constant power to keep our water hot.

Frequent power outages which affects a heater unit may be due to the malfunction of the  energy-saving feature. Failure to restart the heater due to constant and unnecessary unplugging from the outlet will reduce the plug’s overall lifespan and can potentially become a safety hazard.

But experts say if you are not using your heater for more than three days consecutively, you will need to unplug the electrical appliance.

  1. Recharging our mobile phones

A majority of the people nowadays do not have the habit of unplugging their mobile phone chargers once it is plugged into an outlet because it is convenient. All they will need to do is to connect their phones to the changer heads without any fuss. The question is if this is a safe practice?

According to industry experts, if mobile phone chargers are not unplugged it would continue to work as if it is connected and charging a mobile phone and therefore it would consume power. Because of this it is a threat to the safety of individuals as there have been many reports of power surges that led to these outlets letting out sparks that can potentially set fire to the area surrounding it.

Therefore just as a general reminder, if a person is not present in their homes for a long period of time, it will be safer to unplug their charger outlets in order to prevent any accidents from occurring.

3. Air conditioning plugs

As long as the plug is placed in the socket, the electrical appliance will consume power as it will be in standby mode.

There have been a lot of electrical fires mainly caused by electrical appliances that are left in standby mode and this is true especially where air conditioners are concerned.

Professionals pointed out that electrical appliances with a remote control consume the most electricity and are a risk to security therefore it is safer to unplug the appliance from the socket when not in use.

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