Meet the cat lady who spends USD 3390 every month for her 12 fluffy Persian cats


Many cat lovers out there rear a cat or two but have you imagined of rearing a large number of cats at home? Imagine having 12 cats at home, how would life become? Now, imagine no more because there is a Japanese lady who became a ‘full-time cat lady’. She rears 12 cats at home and all 12 are fluffy Chinchilla Persian cats! She must lead a happy and harmonious life surrounded by her adorable cats every day!

▼ Meet the pack! The cats are called Yuki, Shou, Momo, Blackie, Bruce, Kaya, Karu, Yuri, Ai, James, Tiger and Goodie

▼ How does it feel to have 12 cats at home? Well, it must feel good to have these gorgeous furry companions greet you every morning

▼ 12 cats having their meals at the same time. We love how they got in line according to their respective colour!

Michelle, the cat lady said it all started with Yuki when she and her husband found Yuki who was abandoned on the street.

“We found our first cat Yuki in the middle of the road meowing and freezing one night on December 30, 2010,” Michelle said. It appeared that Yuki did not have a name tag or a microchip so they took it home.

▼ Michelle instantly fell in love with Yuki as soon as she adopted it and so is her husband. Later, they decided to get another cat to keep Yuki’s company but could not decide between Momo and Shou on which of them they wanted to choose so they just adopted both cats

▼ What about the other 9 cats? They are the kittens of Momo, Yuki and Shou! Michelle also stated that the cats are all neutered and spayed

▼ Don’t they all look alike? All of them have the same charming face like their parents. This is really a big family!

Some people are sceptical about having this many cats at home as there may be many downside of keeping many cats at home. The house could easily get dirty with fur on the furniture. However, Michelle said, “I am very happy having them by my side and I do not care about what others think about me keeping so many cats.”

▼ She spends around USD 70 on each cat. It all rounds up to almost USD 4000 every month!

▼ Looking at these 12 ‘floofs’ having their daily meals made all her worries disappear!

▼ On sunny days, the cats would occasionally sunbathe at the veranda. They just love the warmth of the sun on their bodies

▼ “Haha, we have conquered this room!” – There is  no such thing as Michelle’s bed. Everything is theirs

▼ Normally, they would play with their toys to keep themselves entertained

▼ When the owner brings out some snacks, the cats would rush forward to catch the snacks. If you are late, you will not get anything!

▼ There is also a perfect scratching tree for all 12 of them

▼ Do you wonder how Michelle get these cats to pose for the camera?

▼ She said that she would wave their favourite furry toy to get their attention and if some cats are not looking at her, she would call their names to get their attention

▼ According to Michelle, this picture where the cats are sunbathing is one of the photos that do not require much efforts to take. We really need to say that they do look like puppies from behind

▼ Lying in the paper boxes make them look adorable!

▼ Nothing could fix their gaze like this unless it is food!

▼ Michelle is living the dream of many cat lovers out there. Her house truly looks like a cat paradise

It just warms our heart to see how adorable and happy these 12 cats are with Michelle!

Let us share this article to everyone out there so others are able to see these cute creatures!


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