These men are thrilled when a lady starts flirting with them on the streets only to be stunned when she takes off her sunglasses


Women in the modern day have progressed tremendously through the decades as they have become more empowered in society. Though this may be true, a majority of men still only take into consideration the outward appearance of a woman when they think about  committing to a relationship with them.

A social experiment was conducted in order to find out just how big a role a woman’s appearance played when trying to get a man’s number. DennisCeeTV had asked his attractive female friend to casually walk the streets and ask random guys for their number but this was done with a twist.

Scroll down to watch how the social experiment was played out!

The actress of the social experiment stopping a man to talk to him

A social experiment was conducted to see men’s reactions when they find out that a physically attractive woman is cross-eyed! The experiment starts off with the charming and friendly woman approaching guys acting as if she was new in town. She then asks them for recommendations on good restaurants in that area. She does this while wearing a pair of dark sunglasses.

Every man the woman approaches looks more than happy to entertain her and even gives out their phone number to arrange for a date

When she thinks the conversation is going well, she asks for the man’s number and at the same time she takes of her sunglasses only to reveal that she is severely cross-eyed.

All the men in the video are taken aback and some even spout vulgarities at the actress

They instantly lose interest in the woman and walk away as fast as they can.

Men who were genuinely excited to be approached by a gorgeous woman turned her away as soon as she revealed her flaw

They no longer wanted to give her their phone numbers and make excuses to walk away as soon as they could because they don’t want to have anything to do with the woman.

Men are believed to put a great emphasis on visual aspects so this may highly influence many men to choose potential partner based on their visual preferences

She clearly did not deserve the strange looks and scrutiny the men gave her.

She was physically stunning and she had a great personality but these men could not look past her crossed-eyes

It is a shame that these men could not bring themselves too get to know the woman for the wonderful person she was and instead turned her away because of her imperfection. They had no right to treat her the way they did just because of the way she looked.

Dennis Cee stated that “The actress in the video is not really cross-eyed and this video was in no way intended to discriminate anyone that is cross-eyed.” They just wanted to show that it is unfair to treat a person badly because they do not conform to the ideal standards of beauty or if they have a peculiarity about them.

Watch the video for yourself below:


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