This old man was terribly frustrated to only catch old oysters after fishing for a whole day. Surprisingly, his life then changed when he brought them home!


There is an old man in Yunnan, China who spends his day fishing for oysters to be sold at the market. Liu, 70, is a fisherman and he has been fishing for his entire life. Due to his old age, he could only net at the estuary.

One day, he went fishing and threw his net over the river to catch some oysters.

At the end of the day, he pulled the net to see his catch

However, it turned out that the oysters he caught were all old.

He then threw his net again. Instead of fish, he only managed to catch old oysters. Sadden and disappointed with his catch of the day, he brought the oysters back to his house. He thought that at least he could turn the oysters into a meal for his family.

It was such a relief that the old man decided not to throw the oysters away as all of them contains expensive small pearls!

Unlike the oysters he caught previously, the old oysters house tenth of freshwater pearls!

Liu said that it was his first time to see many pearls inside of oysters

Luckily, Liu now just need to sell off the pearls and then, he could retire from fishing for good. What a luck!

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