Man went through dramatic weight loss transformation after he got rejected by his crush


Imagine being constantly rejected by women because you are overweight. Even worse, your friends always make fun of you because of it. That would definitely be irritating and frustrating but this was what a man from Thailand had always gone through every day.

Previously, Mos Sataporn whom weighed at 155 kilograms found himself at the centre of his friends’ jokes because he was a hugely obese man. Yet, he seemed to be able to endure the harsh jokes until he got rejected by the woman he had a crush on.

The reason he got rejected was apparently because of his overweight

Mos who is an owner of a mobile phone shop had gained his excessive weights due to his addiction of eating high-calorie foods.

Even though he is quite tall compared to a typical Asian man at the height of 185 centimetres, his BMI fell under obese category

Crushed with the rejection, he determined to lose his weight and to change his appearance.  Mos started to eat healthy by reducing food which is high in calorie and replaced them with healthier options.

He even started to go to the gym to tone up his muscles

He admitted that it was hard to change his sedentary lifestyle and high-calorie diet because he was used to it but he tried to stick to his new regime.

Every morning, he would spend some time to do some exercises

Mos said that he almost gave up once because he felt that exercising was too hard for him. Luckily, he did not stop and he lost 5 kilograms in just a month!

Now, after a year of healthy lifestyle, Mos weighs at 80 kilograms. He finally managed to lose 75 kilograms!

With a tall height and a slender body, Mos became popular among women

Mos said, “If you want to diet, the first thing you have to do is to fight with your inner self. If others can do it, why not you?”

He also did not expect that his dramatic weight loss transformation became viral on social media.

Nevertheless, he took it as a medium for him to give supports and tips to those who wanted to lose weight

Mos’s story tells us that everything is possible with perseverance and hard work. To quote Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can and you are already halfway there.”

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