Daredevil couple chose to tie the knot while hanging 100 metres off Chaya Mountain cliff


There are many ways a couple can choose to hold their wedding. Some couples prefer to exchange vows in the traditional way at the church while some choose to add more romantic vibe to it as the sun sets on the beach. Well, this couple’s wedding venue is definitely nothing but traditional as they exchanged vows while hanging in the air!

On November 11, 2017, this couple from Hainan Province, China, tied the knot while dangling 100 metres up the Chaya Mountain cliff.

The cliff was the setting for the famous action adventure show, “Journey to the West” which was a remake to 1970s “Monkey”

The climbers that helped the couple to climb up to the clift dressed themselves as characters from the show as blessings to the newly-wed couple

Ironically, the couple chose to hold their wedding on Singles Day, the day when single people in China celebrate for not having a partner

Even though their wedding spot is not as mainstream as others’, they proved that mountain cliff too can be scenic spot for a wedding venue

The bride had to choose safety over beauty as she climbed on with her pair of climbing shoes and without a veil

It is definitely a day to remember for both the bride and the groom. We hope that their marriage will be filled with love and stay strong just like when they held on to each other on the cliff!

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