Old man dressed in rags made a salesperson’s jaw drop when he said he wanted to buy a Harley Davidson


It has become almost commonplace to hear of employees from luxury brands who treat their customers differently based on how they dress. If a customer who is dressed impeccably walked into the store, they would be tended to and given great customer service. The opposite often happens when a shabbily dressed customer enters a luxury brand store, they are usually ignored or given curt service.

An elderly man from Thailand decided to teach a handful of salespeople a valuable lesson in basic human courtesy when he ventured to buy a motorbike for himself.

He wore an over-sized faded t-shirt plagued with stains and holes, a baggy, worn-out pair of pants and flip flops

He dressed shoddily and went to multiple motorbike dealerships to look for a super bike for himself. He browsed the vehicles in the stores and was completely ignored by the salespeople there as they walked past him as if he didn’t exist.

Just because he was dressed poorly, the salespeople had the impression he could not afford their expensive bikes and so they didn’t attend to him. He browsed from one shop to another until he was attended to and was given good service from a salesperson at a luxury bike shop.

He browsed a little further and within 10 minutes he made up his mind and exclaimed, “I’ll have that one!”

The salesperson was left stunned when the old man pulled out wads of cash to pay for his vehicle of choice, a Harley Davidson.

He took out close to $19,000 and rode away on his brand new super bike

The man’s elder sister decided to post her brother’s experience on social media and the story instantly went viral. She mentioned in her post that her brother is known as Lung Decha and he works as a mechanic. He does not involve himself in vices such as smoking, drinking or gambling and is simply a hard-working and honest man who is partially retired.

He has worked hard all his life and has made an honest living and so, he decided to use the money he had saved up to treat himself. He was looking to buy the bike of his dreams which was well-deserved. It’s too bad for the salespeople in the previous shops who ignored Decha and lost out on earning a substantial commission.

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