This hamster is getting ready for Valentine’s Day—his adorable ‘creation’ will leave you in awe


Have you ever taught your pet any tricks? You may have trained dogs or cats, but how about training a hamster? An entertaining little clip has emerged of an adorable hamster, which appears to have been successfully taught by its owner on how to form a heart with sunflower seeds. You gotta’ be kidding, right? Well, take a look for yourself.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if your pet could make you a “heart” for Valentine’s Day?

Whilst we know dogs and cats are capable of learning a trick or two, have you ever seen a rodent as intelligent as this one?

This busy little hamster forming a heart is super cute, but you may want to check out the actual clip below to see it in action for yourself

So, how did its owner train it?

Many people who watched the video asked how they too could teach their hamster to form a heart

This hamster didn’t just stop at forming a heart, but it appears to have “drawn” Cupid’s little arrow too!

“Wow that’s cool” wrote one user.

But still, someone wrote, “I really wanna know the secret”

Some praised the furry critter, and told the owner, “Your hamster is amazingly talented.”

Another user wrote, “Your hamster must really like you a lot”

Actually, there is an easy-to-learn secret that any hamster owner can use to get their own little rodent to “create” artwork too

Scroll down to find the answer.

It’s so simple!

Want to know the secret? The owner first made a heart and an arrow with sunflower seeds. The hamster’s “skill” was to eat each seed one by one. The owner shot the video as it ate the seeds, and then reversed the video. Ah, figures!

Watch the video below:

Credit: NTD


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