Woman packs up and leaves her husband with the kids—Two days later he writes an open letter that touches everyone


A husband came back from a long day’s work one evening and proceeded to sit in his favorite spot on the sofa and watch a football game. He noticed his wife trying to soothe their crying son while their daughter who was two years old, ran around the hall making a mess with her toys. Because of all the noise, the husband turned up the volume of the TV.

His wife lashed out at him saying, “You know, it wouldn’t kill you to help me out a little!” as she walked over and turned the TV volume down.

He was furious at this and said in retaliation, “I’ve been slaving at work the whole day and what have you been doing? You’ve been at home playing with the kids. Cut me some slack and let me watch the TV in peace!”

At his statement, the wife said no more as this was probably not the first time they quarreled. She took the children up to their rooms and put them to bed.

She then packed her suitcase and left the house without the husband noticing as he was engrossed with the game

Her husband went upstairs later and found out that his wife was nowhere to be found. She did not answer her phone and she left no note. The next morning she still had not come home so the husband had to call in to work and say he cannot make it that day because he had to take care of the kids. He had to cook for them and clean up after them. He also had to keep them occupied otherwise they’d wail from boredom or from being ignored.

All day he had to chase after them and clean up around the house and at night he had to coax them to go to sleep

His wife left no indication of when she would be back and so he had to call his workplace again and say he couldn’t work the next day as well. Two days later he wrote this open letter and posted it online.

To my dear wife, 

Two days ago we had an argument. It was around 8 pm, I came home from work exhausted and I just wanted to zone out in front of the TV and watch some football.

You looked tired and it seemed like you were in a bad mood and I could not understand why. You had your hands full because you were carrying Evan and Leia was running around making a mess. I didn’t want to deal with all that and raised the volume of the TV.  

Now I understand that I have gravely underestimated what you do for this house. What you do to care for our children and also to care for me. I cannot fathom the amount of strength and patience you have because you had to deal with this by yourself because I was not of much help to you. 

I felt confined to the house. I spend every waking moment looking after the kids and at the same time I had to do the chores. I’ve been on my feet the whole time and I have not spoken to a person above the age of 5 in the past two days. 

I feel mentally and physically drained. I cannot begin to imagine how you’ve been doing this for years now. After just two days of this, I feel like I need to sleep for the next 20 hours to recuperate. But that is never going to happen because Evan wakes me up every three hours, crying to be fed. 

I now understand why you were so frustrated with me, I am frustrated with myself for not helping you when I could. I now know the sacrifices you have made. My exhaustion from work cannot compare to what you go through on a daily basis. 

I realize you had to give up your career not because you wanted to but because there was no other choice, I would never have given my job up. You do all this without even getting paid and without recognition. 

I know you’ve sacrificed a great deal, you could no longer hang out with your friends, go to the gym or even sleep peacefully at night because being a housewife is a 24/7 job. I have never appreciated you for the incredible woman that you are. 

I am writing this letter to tell you I miss you and I also want you to know that you are irreplaceable. I will forever be indebted to you for giving up what you had in order to this home and this family. 

With love,

Your husband who is still waiting for you

Many netizens agree with the letter in the fact that housewives are not given their due recognition. A lot of housewives also commented having similar experiences where they are not appreciated and their spouses take them for granted.

Many couples in this day and age are experiencing immense strain as they struggle to work and also manage their household, children included. With the rising costs of living, a family can rarely rely on a single spouse’s pay check therefore both husband and wife need to put in the hours in order to put food on the table.

There are also those who opt to take on the sacrificial role and become a stay-at-home parent and this is, generally speaking, usually the wife. Many housewives are plagued with exhaustion as they are constantly on their feet, caring for their children and doing the household chores.

What’s worse is if their husbands come home and just plant themselves in front if the television without offering to help out.

The key to sustaining a healthy relationship is to have good communication and empathy.

Couples need to talk to each other and learn to empathize with one another so they will not take their partners for granted


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