12 hilarious photos that show what exactly happens when dads are left alone with their babies


Every parent has their own parenting style but it turns out almost all fathers have the same idea when it comes to taking care of their own child.

If mothers are very protective and thoughtful, fathers apparently do not care much, as long as the baby is sleeping and eating well even if they have to resort to strange and silly methods.

This list of hilarious photos of fathers struggling to take care of their babies will sure make you laugh out loud. Check them out!

#1 The thoughtful baby gives up his mosquito net to his father

#2 When the father does not realise that he rests his leg on top of his son’s head

#3 Now, we are confused who takes care of who

#4 When the mother asks her husband to sing a lullaby to their baby but he is the one who ends up sleeping 

#5 So that he can sleep peacefully, the father ties his baby’s leg so that he will not fall from the bed. A genius idea!

#6 If your child refused to eat, use this tip!

#7 Apparently you do not have to buy a mousepad. Just use your baby’s bottom 

#8 We wonder who suggested playing these baskets. Was it the father of the baby? Hmm…

#9 “Let me test this first, just to be sure it is safe for you to play with, okay? Now, push me!” 

#10 A father’s sacrifice for his little princess to play swing

#11 “Hold on son, I have to catch up with the latest update about the stock market.”

#12 A creative way of a father who needs to catch up with his game and takes care of his baby at the same time


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