Her boyfriend left her after she lost her leg in a tragic accident but one day, a man came to meet her and it left her in tears


Cecilia never thought that one day, she would involve in a tragic car accident and lost her right leg. As she lay down on her bed, many thoughts came to her mind and one of them was how she could never walk like she used to before the accident. Tears streamed down her pale face. She was not ready for that.

At first, she did not have to amputate her leg but the doctors told her that her right leg bone had severe fractures and that it was best to amputate it. Hearing such news, Cecilia’s boyfriend of three years, Dan, broke up with her and left her devastated.

After the break-up, Cecilia could only cry in her bed. She had lost her leg and her boyfriend in just one day.

At that time, she slowly losing her will to survive until one day, one man came to meet her

The man brought a bouquet of cheery and bright daisies, a symbol for get-well-soon and put it on her side table. It took Cecilia a moment to recognise the man and she was surprised when she realised who he was.

“Warren, what brings you here? How did you know that I am at the hospital?” Cecilia asked the man. It was the first time Cecilia began to speak after her leg operation and her break-up.

“I….I wanted to look after you,” Warren told Cecilia. His heart was broken at the sight of her. Cecilia looked terribly frail and pale.

Warren had known Cecilia since their first semester in college. She was his first crush but the thought that he did not come from a well-off family like her stopped him from confessing his feelings.

For four years, Warren kept his feelings to himself. After they both graduated from the college, Cecilia moved to the city to find a job while Warren stayed in the small town and found a job. Since then, they lost contact with each other.

However, Warren did search for Cecilia’s contact information from her friends. From time to time, he managed to keep updated about Cecilia’s life in the city but he never had the courage to meet her until one of her friends told him that Cecilia was involved in a an accident.

His heart shattered into pieces when he found out that Cecilia was dumped by her boyfriend and that her right leg had to be amputated. By then, Warren did not think for long to quit his job. He wanted to go see Cecilia and looked after her.

At the hospital, Cecilia was well taken care of by Warren. He spent most of his days looking after her and feeding her.

Slowly, Cecilia began to fall in love with him

But deep in her heart, she felt that she did not deserve Warren. She was just a disabled girl. Cecilia was afraid that her disability would only give him a burden. So, one day Cecilia told Warren in a cold tone: “Warren, I do not like that your sympathy and I do not want you to look after me anymore. Even if I lost both of my legs, you are still not good enough for me. Just leave me alone. I do not want to see you anymore.”

Warren was speechless when he heard her word. He did not understand Cecilia’s sudden change of heart. “Cecilia, I know that I am not good enough for you but I cannot just leave you like this. Please, let me just stay with you until you get better. When the day comes, I will leave you alone,” Warren told Cecilia.

Soon after, Cecilia was allowed to leave the hospital but she was not fully recovered from the accident so she continued to undergo therapy sessions at her home. Even though Cecilia was recovering well, Warren was still taking care of her. To stay by her side, Warren searched for a new job in the city.

Every day after work, Warren took Cecilia to the park and pushed her wheelchair around the walkways.

Sometimes, he brought Cecilia to the nearby supermarket to buy some groceries

Seeing at Warren’s persistent efforts, Cecilia’s parents hoped for nothing but for the two of them to end up marrying each other.

Three years later, Cecilia finally managed to walk on her own with the help of a prosthetic leg. She had installed the prosthetic leg not long after she was discharged from the hospital. It took her a while to adjust to her new leg but now, she could finally walk on her own.

Her recovery also helped her to return to her old self, the bright and cheerful girl like she used to before the accident. Everyone was happy with her progress especially Warren who had stayed by her side all this while.

He was relieved and grateful that Cecilia recovered well. He knew that his heart only belonged to her so one day, Warren got down on his knee and proposed to her. However, Cecilia was afraid that she could not be good enough for him. She thought that he deserved someone better than her.

“Warren, I thank you for staying by my side for past three years but I am not perfect for you. If I were to marry you, I would only be a burden to you and I do not want that to happen to a good man like you. Find another girl because you deserve someone better,” Cecilia said with a heavy heart.

“Cecilia, why cannot you look how in love I am with you? If your flaw is bothering me, I would not have stayed by your side all this time. Let me stay by your side and take care of you forever,” Warren replied.

He had been waiting since college for that moment and now, he was not going to just let the love of his life go away. Now, he could only hope for Cecilia to say yes to his proposal.

Hearing how sincere Warren was and how he stayed with her through everything that she had gone through since the accident, Cecilia then made her decision.

“Yes,” Cecilia replied to Warren. Tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks.

Now, she had finally met her true love


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