This is what the most expensive wedding cake in the world looks like and it is definitely worth the price


Those who visited Dubai for a wedding exhibition recently were in for one of the most decadent cakes in the world and it was tagged at a staggering $1 million!

Debbie Wingham who created this extravagant wedding cake is well-known for her luxury masterpieces like the world’s most expensive black dress worth $17.7 million and $75 million birthday cake.

Her creations are never short of precious stones worth millions of dollars such as diamonds and pearls. Let us take a closer look at her impressive work of art.

This is $1 million ‘Arabian bride’ cake stands at 182 cm and it weighs over 120 kilograms! 

It is heavier than the prototype but everyone will have a chance to have a taste of it.

Around 1,000 eggs and 20 kilograms of chocolate have been used to create this cake

The whole cake is covered with 50 kilograms of lacy fondant layer and every angle of it is absolutely edible

Each feature of the dress includes tiny flowers and edible pearls which were handmade

Wingham created 5,000 delicate little flowers to decorate the dress and it took her 10 days to finish decorating the cake

Apart from the edible flowers, there are also real pieces of jewellery used as decorations – pearls and three-carat diamonds that cost $200 million each

The diamonds were used as embellishments for the bride’s headpiece

Wingham with her simpler cake

Apparently, Wingham does not just bake cakes

She also creates gorgeous shoes which were made from pastry and decorated with diamonds.

This pair alone costs $15 million

Last night was the big reveal of my 4th world’s most expensive, the world’s most expensive shoe valued at 15.1 million, this time I wasn’t a one woman band and I did a collaboration with the AMAZING Chris Campbell from the @shoebakery . It was created for one of my arabian clients who had a portfolio of diamonds and wanted a unique piece of diamond art, the client loves pastries and fashion, a girl out of my own heart, Chris Campbell was my obvious partner since he is excellent at what he does and his mind set is pastry all the way! we designed the shoes together and Chris made them since he is a shoe art master, this is unusual for me since im a control freak and create everything myself with my name on it but Chris doing a WME can be life changing, I’m so glad I could present you this opportunity and let’s just say you smashed it!!! #worldsmostexpensivedesigner #worldsmostexpensiveshoe #worldsmostexpensive #luxury #diamonds #diamondart #designer #caketechinques #art #artists #cakeinspo #cake #cakeartist #luxuryshoes #shoes #designeraccessories

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Wingham also created the world’s most expensive black dress that is heavily embellished with diamonds worth $50 million

And this red diamond abaya

Not to forget this soft blue dress that will make you look like a queen!


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