12 reassuring pictures of kindhearted and noble people that will surely restore your faith in humanity!


The media is plagued with all sorts of negativity ranging from constant wars between nations, internal strife in countries and famine all throughout the world. There is violence pictured on the news almost everyday as the present day becomes more and more bleak.

With that being said, below are 12 images that showcase the true spirit of humanity. These pictures can be overwhelming because these people do their best to bring positivity back into society by helping their fellow people out in any way they can.

#1 A man from Dublin named Brian uses his own money from his pension to prepare meals for the homeless

#2 This man found an injured bird and looked up veterinarians who can help aid it back to health

#3 The father of this bride passed away a decade ago and he donated his heart. The man who received his heart walked her down the isle on her wedding day

#4 The Arizona fire department helped put out a fire in Mexico over the border 

#5 They are complete strangers but the old man is seen helping the young man tie his tie

#6 This man drives for hours everyday just to send water to a watering pool for the wildlife in that area

#7 People hang on to this man who has given up the will to live and showed him that there are in fact, people who care for him dearly 

#8 This Syrian refugee decided to repay the kindness shown to him by giving food to the homeless locals  

#9 A firefighter was invited to the convocation of a girl he saved 17 years ago

#10 This old lady often goes to the shopping center to read. The manager decided to place a bench for her so she can read in comfort

 #11 Locals gather at a Canadian mosque which was vandalized. The whole community helped to clean it up and restore the building 

#12 This tear-jerking moment when a little girl was told a family wanted to adopt her

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