10 people who get trolled by famous Photoshop master, James Fridman, and the results are incredibly hilarious!


When it comes to retouching photos, most people would turn to Photoshop experts. One of the Photoshop wizards is James Fridman. He is best known as the troll master as he chooses to use his Photoshop skills to troll the people who ask for his help.

Instead of catering to the request, James stays as literal as possible, resulting in extremely hilarious Photoshop fails!

Check out some of his Photoshop trolls below. We bet that you will not be able to hold your laugh!

#1 Hey James, my friend is mad I (the blonde in the middle) looked at my other friend in this picture and not her. Can you edit it so I’m looking at the girl in white?

#2 He’s uncomfortable. Could you make it look like he [is] comfortable?

#3 Can you make it look like the striped guy isn’t staring at the back of my head? I’m the dad

#4 To be honest, James was not entirely wrong. The boy still looks taller than his dad!

#5 The time when he rebels 

#6 When he decides to put Michael Jackson as a cameo 

#7 Can you make me look less like a child?

#8 What happens after the picture was taken

#9 James! I need your help! My family and I went to a concert, and I wore obnoxiously short shorts. My legs were completely ruined this awesome photo! Please help! (I’m the ginger on the left)

#10 What a romantic photo!


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