A couple found an abandoned child with cerebral palsy and now they are forced to feed her by way of mouth-to-mouth to keep her alive


A couple from China, Li Huanne and Zhao Yuchun, found a disabled child who was abandoned in a hospital. By the goodness of their hearts, they could not just leave her there and decided to take her in and raise her as their own.

Li Huanne and Zhao Yuchun have gone out of their way to take in and raise a child who wasn’t theirs. She has now become their daughter and there really are no words that can express the amount of love they have for her or how much they care for her.

The couple took in and raised the abandoned child as their own

It was 16 years ago when Li Huanne was working as a cleaner at a hospital in the Shanxi Province when she first discovered Likun. She saw a baby who was just left out in the hallway of the hospital and it was apparent that the baby girl was abandoned.

Li Huanne was afraid the child was not going to make it so she made the decision to bring the baby home.  Due to her and her husband’s fierce devotion and the love they showered on Likun, the girl survived.

“As long as she lives one more day, I will take care of her”

Li Huanne said “As long as she lives one more day, I will take care of her.”

The couple found out that their new baby girl had cerebral palsy. It is a neurological disorder which affects body movement and muscle coordination. Likun could not chew her own food and the process of feeding her took an extremely long time. They spent nearly two hours to get Likun to eat each meal.

Likun has cerebral palsy which affects body movement and muscle coordination 

They found that the food would get cold fast when they mash it manually therefore Zhao Yuchun thought of another way to feed his child. He began chewing the food and passed it to Likun straight from his mouth to hers. Likun also prefers eating this way because when they used to feed her with spoons, she would only end up spiting the food out.

She could not chew her food and refused to be fed by spoon 

Though some people will react to this in a negative way, many others see it as a selfless act of devotion and love. Likun was left for dead in the hospital hallway and would not have survived if they had not taken her in. They will go to lengths to provide for their daughter and make sure she lives.

Zhao Yuchun began chewing the food and passed it to his child straight from his mouth to hers

Zhao Yuchun says “No matter what, I will raise her. If I give up, she will die.”

“Her parents gave up on her. I can’t do that.”

Watch the touching video below:


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