This couple from Michigan are proud owners of two Guinness World Records cats—if you see the pictures you know why


It is certainly not easy to hold a world record let alone two but this couple proves that it is not impossible to do so when each of their two cats holds a Guinness World Record!

Will and Lauren from Ann Arbor, Michigan have three adorable cats named Sirius Altair, Cygnus Regulus, and Arcturus Aldebaran. Each of these cats is totally special and super cute. To make them more special, two of these cats are listed in the Guinness World Records list because of their unique features.

Almost a year ago, Will and Lauren uploaded status and pictures of their Maine Coon, Cygnus, on the internet to ask for public opinions about Cygnus’s unusual long tail

It did not take long before the officials from Guinness World Records contacted them to take the exact measurement of Cygnus’s long tail.

Apparently, Will and Lauren’s concern about the Maine Coon’s tail proves that the cat does have a long tail, in fact, the longest in the world!

The officials then came to their house to take photos of Cygnus.

During their visit, they also noticed Arcturus, the Savannah cat

It turned out that Arcturus is the tallest cat in the world with a height of 19.05 inches!

While most cats have to jump to get to the counter, Arcturus just need to be on both of his feet to reach the kitchen counter

And take the food off its owner’s hand!

These cats are still growing day by day

Will and Lauren must be proud to have their cats hold Guinness World Records! If you would like to find out more about these unique cats, follow them on Instagram @starcats_detroits!


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