Romantic husband saves up coins for two years to buy a surprise birthday gift for his wife and the netizens are impressed with his dedication


Be it women or men, everyone seems to have a hard time when choosing the best gift for their partner. Apart from being indecisive to choose the perfect present from the many options available, money could also put many people in a tough dilemma. 

However, for a Taiwanese man, he was determined to buy a surprise present for his wife even if he had to save money for two years to buy it!

Recently, a jewellery shop in Taiwan, Mahua Jewellery, was surprised when the man named Wang came to the shop with his piggy bank full of coins to buy some jewellery pieces for his wife

They soon shared the touching post on Facebook and it quickly caught the netizens’ attention.

The post wrote: “It was late at night when this customer came to our shop and asked, ‘Do you accept coins? I want to buy some jewellery’. We told him that we accept coins and he came inside the shop carrying a bulging piggy bank. It was so heavy that it seemed like he wanted to drag it on the ground.”

Wang then had to cut the piggy bank in half to get all the coins that he had been saving for two years out

“He poured out all the coins into two containers and it took four of our staff to count the amount of money inside”

When the staffs were counting the total amount of the coins, Wang said: “I have always wanted to buy a good birthday present for my wife so I got this piggy bank to save money. I fed the pig with coins every day and have been doing so for two years.

Finally, I have saved enough!”

After they calculated the amount, it appeared that the total coins worth about NT 31,400 (USD 1,069)! 

The post continued: “This is the first time we had encountered such a sentimental moment and we were all moved by this man. We helped him pick out a beautiful gold necklace and bracelet for his wife’s birthday present”

“When he left the shop happily, our staff said, ‘His wife has married the right person. He is a good man and so romantic”

Wang’s dedication and efforts to buy his wife a grand birthday present have finally paid off and it is definitely worth every penny! We hope that Wang and his wife continue to live happily ever after!


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