These 12 ladies’ amazing costume transformation in a dance performance leaves everyone speechless


Everyone loves a great magic show but have you ever seen a show where the performers dance and perform magic at the same time?

A group of 12 beautiful ladies get in line before they start their performance

A Korean trot song starts to resonate in the background as the ladies begin their performance.

When they swing in a circle, the ladies’ dresses suddenly change into two different colours; blue and yellow!

Their magic certainly leaves the unsuspecting audience gasps in surprise!

How do they do it?

However, their performance does not end just yet.

Just when the song changes to Beyonce’s hit ‘Crazy in Love’, they continue to surprise the audience by changing into three other different dresses!

In just three minutes of performance, the ladies changed their outfits four times with five different dresses!

Their quick transformation in the costume dance magic show is definitely amusing!

Watch their dance magic show in the video below. Can you spot how they manage to change their dresses in a blink of an eye?


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