Dad gives her daughter a car as present after she successfully passed a driving test—her reaction is priceless


Every parent must be proud when their child achieves an amazing accomplishment in their life. For some parents, any achievement should be celebrated with a surprise present!

For this proud father, he too, was overjoyed when his daughter passed her driving test. He wanted to give her beloved daughter a surprise present that she would remember for the rest of her life.

He knew that the perfect gift for such celebration was a car but apparently, it was out of his budget so he came up with a brilliant idea.

What better way to celebrate your daughter’s achievement in passing a driving test than by giving a car right?

His dad decided to surprise his daughter. So he took her by her arm and had her eyes covered with a printed scarf. He walked her to the garage where he hid the ‘car’

Upon unfolding the scarf, his daughter got excited with the thought that her father was about to give her a car as a present for passing the driving test.

The father couldn’t resist hiding his laughter when he saw that his daughter is really excited

Her father seemed to enjoy the prank when he let his daughter took a wild guess about the mystery gift which looked so much like a car

After a few guesses, her father then took the plastic cover that was covering the ‘car’, it revealed… a three-wheeled scooter!

The teenage girl could only laugh at his father’s creative prank. Maybe she’s used to her dad’s jokes

The scooter even had a P plate on its front to commemorate the girl’s accomplishment

Surprisingly, the scooter is functional and possesses a decent speed as well.

Watch the hilarious prank video here 


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