Dog owner turns on radio and it is playing ‘We Are The Champions’—what happen next is too cute to see


Some people love singing in the shower or when cooking something in the kitchen. There are also those who love singing to their favorite playlist during a road trip. Apparently, this dog also felt the same way! 

Annie Aul was driving through Miami, Florida when the iconic song by Queen, ‘We Are The Champions’ came out on her car radio. Annie then sang along to the hit song and her dog, Lola, did not miss her chance to sing it too!

Annie was driving her car on a trip from Montgomery, Alabama to Miami, Florida. Her dog, Lola was sitting at the back minding her own business

The road trip was steady. Everything looked peaceful and quiet when suddenly, ‘We Are The Champions’ came on the radio. Being a fan of Queen and the iconic song, naturally, Annie could not help but to sing along. However, she never thought that Lola would be a fan as well!

When the song reaches the chorus, the dog started to sing in her own language and it is absolutely hilarious!

Noticing her dog’s reaction, Annie played along and started singing with Lola.

They both seemed to be enjoying their road trip together

Seeing how in sync Lola is with her owner, the phrase ‘man’s best friend’ might be true after all. Perhaps they could audition as a duo in one of those singing competitions.

Watch Lola’s hidden talent and how she sings the hit song in her own version here.


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