15 pictures of animals taking selfies and doing photobombs—the timing is completely hilarious!


An image which has been photobombed refers to a photograph that has been spoiled by an unexpected appearance of someone who came into in the camera’s field of view as the picture was being taken.

Often times people who photobomb pictures do it as a sort of practical joke or to pull a prank. Now animals also want to join in the fun. They can be quite the practical jokers and quite clever in photobombing pictures with humans. Most of the time they turn out to be incredibly funny.

Just look at the pictures below, it will be hard to keep a straight face!

#1 “Dear lord please stop this marriage!

#2 “Peek-a-boo… I want to be in the picture too”

#3 “What were you doing?”

#4 “How do I look in this picture?”

#5 Looks like someone is jealous 

#6 Looks like the turtle is taking the picture. How does it hold the camera?

#7 “Everybody say neigh!”

#8 “Oh, well hello there!”

#9 “I know you’re behind that boulder”

#10 “Hello excuse me sir, can we take a picture?”

#11 Someone seems to be enjoying himself

#12 Peek-a-boo

#13 “Hi there, I’m just passing by, don’t mind me”

#14 Which one has the best pose?

#15 Caught in the act, “You blew my cover!”

Enjoy the photos? Have you experienced being photobombed by your pet? Share your experience in the comment section.


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