Meet ‘Dog’, the world’s cutest fishmonger who is taking the internet by storm


In the business world, it is essential to rise above the competition and market your business as much as you can. One fishmonger in Vietnam figured out a genius way to attract customers to his shop — the fishmonger is a cat!

Possibly the world’s cutest fishmonger, the cat which is known as Dog is a 3-year-old Scottish Fold. His owner Le Quoc Phong runs a fish stall in a market in Vietnam. Dog can always be found wearing stylish attire, especially the yellow satin emperor. Tourists and customers from all around the world would took his pictures and that’s how he became viral across the internet.

Dog is a cat who worked as a fishmonger in the busy marketplace in Vietnam

According to Phong, his cat is adored by many people and he is really well-behaved like a dog which earns him the name ‘Dog’

Dog loved to take pictures and he is quite photogenic as well!

“My little cat loves taking pictures. He’s also very cooperative when wearing the costumes,” said Phong 

Even though Dog had a laid-back personality, Phong said that his cat is definitely charming and is very popular among the female cats in his neighborhood.

“He also has a lot of girlfriends and a lot of children in the country,” said Phong 

Dog does not eat the fish in front of him

Phong added that Dog started to become an iconic figure in the fish market after a saleswoman who also runs a stall in the same market invited him to her stall.

The saleswoman was a huge fan of Dog.

She liked to take pictures of the adorable cat

Phong who loved photography said that he enjoyed taking funny pictures of Dog.

He said that Dog is his inspiration

Phong would love to show to people who do not like cats just how cute and lovable they could be

Dog quickly became a social media star after Phong posted his pictures wearing his yellow emperor attire posing next to a stall on Facebook and Instagram

Sometimes, the friendly cat helped other vendors to look after their stalls

Phong also bought Dog many costumes and fashionable hoodies like this super cute police uniform

And this bride costume. Dog certainly makes a beautiful bride!

He doesn’t seem to be very pleased with it though

Dog enjoys his sweet treat after a day of hard work managing and supervising at the market.


Just like any of us, Dog also goes for a vacation once in a while after he had cleared his busy schedule

Here is Dog when he is on his holiday mode

Dog really knows how to capture attention. If you are planning to go to Vietnam, try visiting the local fish market. Who knows, you might came across Dog, the fishmonger cat.

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