This gorgeous lady has to cut her long hair off due to a devastating reason but the result is definitely worth it


Getting a new hairstyle mostly excite a lot of women but not for this lady when she had to cut her long hair off due to cancer. Nonetheless, her drastic hair makeover was absolutely stunning!

Following her cancer diagnose, Laura sought the help of expert stylist Jerome Lordet of Pierre Michel Salon in New York City before she began to embark on her chemotherapy journey.

“Laura came to see me to cut her hair before chemotherapy,” Lordet said

She knew that chemotherapy may cause hair loss thus she took a brave decision to chop her long hair off to manage the traumatic hair loss.

When Laura stepped into the Pierre Michel Salon, her long and luscious brunette locks tumbled about her beautiful face.

At first glance, there was no reason for her to cut it off after years of growing it

To begin the hair makeover, Laura first chopped off about a foot of her hair

Then, Lordet trimmed and layered her hair into a stylish bob haircut – short at the back but edging at the front

Next, Lordet went on to style Laura’s new super-short hair

The makeover even included a makeup session where the salon’s talented makeup artist, Katherine, applied mascara, eye shadow, blush and lipstick to highlight Laura’s gorgeous facial features

Her decision to cut her hair off was absolutely worth it! Laura looked stunning in her new pixel haircut.

She almost looked unrecognisable!

The good thing was that not only the short haircut would help her to prepare for her chemotherapy but it also accentuated her gorgeous eyes, nose and lips!

Apparently, the hair makeover had impressed many Youtubers.

The video has been viewed 20 million times!

“Wow … this look made her more radiant and highlighted her facial features,” another commented. “The long hair was only covering up her natural beauty and those eyes are just amazing.”

Unfortunately, Laura lost all her hair after just two weeks of the makeover

However, it seemed that everything is going well for her. Three months ago, Laura commented on the video: “Thanks for sharing the video and checking in to see how I’m doing. That means so much! I’m so grateful I can say I’m happy and healthy and couldn’t be doing better!”

Watch Laura’s stunning hair transformation here


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