This simple home remedy for burns is effective to avoid any scars or blisters and it can be found in your kitchen cabinet!


There are times when accidents could happen in the kitchen like knife cuts and burns from hot water or oil. If you ever found yourself in this unfortunate incident, do not panic and quickly treat your burns with this simple home remedy.

According to a netizen, she discovered this efficient home remedy for burns when she accidentally burned her hand during cooking.

She was stirring porridge with a fork when suddenly the fork slipped off from her grip and fell into the pot, causing a small yet boiling splash of hot liquid on her hand

Surprised and in pain, she quickly searched for a medication to be rub on her burn but her friend who was happened to be in the kitchen during the incident told her that there was no need to find a medication.

Her friend who is a doctor from Vietnam then checked her injured hand and told her to find some flour.

Even though she was confused by the strange request, the netizen immediately searched for flour in her kitchen cabinet and gave it to her friend

Her friend then put sprinkle some flour on her burn and told her to leave the flour on her burn for ten minutes. She then told the netizen that she once saw a man who got burned in an accident and the public quickly threw a bag of flour to the poor man to put the fire out.

Surprisingly, the flour was not just able to put the fire out but it also saved the man from any burn marks!

When ten minutes had passed, the netizen then washed her hand off the flour and the results were amazing—there was no burn mark or blisters on her hand!

Since then, she only used flour to treat her burns from hot water or oil as it is more effective than leaving burned hand under running water. You might want to try this simple home remedy the next time you accidentally burn yourself. However, if the burn is severe and covers a large area of your hand or body, you might want to seek a professional help immediately.


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