10 incredible photos that show luck and good fortune comes in all forms!


Many people think that luck is just something that happens when you get away in an unexpected situation but the truth is, luck comes in all forms! This series of pictures shows 10 lucky people and their luckiest moment in their lives. Hopefully, it is not their last stroke of luck!

#1 The perfect avocado

#2 How lucky are these two drivers to avoid this fallen tree!

#3 “Everyone in the office left early last Friday. Boss came with a box of goodies and I was the only one still working. Jackpot”

#4 Not everyone gets to see a rocket launch from their plane’s window

#5 This car broke through the guardrail and flew to the other side while also doing a barrel roll. We cannot imagine if it slipped by an inch!

#6 Looks like the winner has been found

#7 Sunny day and two scoops of ice cream! What a perfect day

#8 The luckiest seat on a flight

#9 This is what onion ring should look like

#10 This adorable little girl is so lucky to hit a jackpot!


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