Australian farmer got the surprise of his life twice after he cracked a giant egg and found something inside


A Queensland farmer got the surprise of his life after he found an egg that was almost as big as his hand at his farm in northern Queensland, Australia. However, the surprise did not end just yet. What even more surprising was that he found another egg after he cracked the giant egg!

The lucky farmer, Scott Stockman, never expected to find such egg in his farm and he thought that his puzzling discovery was worth to be told to the world

The giant egg was collected by the farm’s egg collecter, “Zippy”

The enormous egg weighed about 176 grams and was three times as large as an average chicken egg

When the farm discovered the unique egg, Stockman gathered all his staff members to witness what the egg contained inside its unusually large shell.

He admitted that he had hoped to see four yolks inside the egg but instead of multiple yolks, the egg actually had another egg inside of it!

Upon cracking the egg, Stockman could not believe his eyes as he thought that it was out of this world for such phenomenon to happen. “It’s a complete freak of nature and very rare to see an egg inside of another,” he said.

Unfortunately, he could not trace which hen had laid the giant egg as the farm had 3,000 hens. The incident also surprised his egg collector, Zippy who had been working for him years but he had never encountered a large egg like this.

However, this incident was not the first time to happen. This phenomenon is called counter-peristalsis contraction where an already formed egg made its way to the bird’s oviduct and entered a forming egg. The egg-forming process than reoccur with the new egg forms over the previous one.

Even though this phenomenon is rare and shocking, the eggs remain normal and are safe to be eaten. Nonetheless, Stockman avoided eating the egg and decided to just upload the photos of the egg instead.


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