Mother shares her terrifying experience after baby son gets infected with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease after a dinner at a restaurant


Babies and young children do not yet have a developed immune system and this makes them susceptible to various infections and diseases. It only takes a single contact for them to get infected with deadly infectious diseases just like this little toddler, Airil who gets infected with Hand, Foot and Mouth disease (HFMD) after a dinner outing at a restaurant. 

Amrina Meena, the toddler’s mother brought him to a dinner at a restaurant. At the restaurant, she placed Airil in a high chair which she suspected where Airil got the virus.

Amrina then shared a post about the unfortunate incident on her Facebook

In the post dated November 9, she wrote: “I suspected Airil got the HFMD virus from the high chair as he suddenly caught a fever the next day after I brought him to the restaurant. It is definitely my fault to not bring baby wipes. Since the high chair did not look dirty, I thought it was okay for me to not wipe it first.”

She was regretful that her mistake had caused her son’s health

Following the incident, Amrina further wrote that she would wipe any high chairs before placing her toddler in it.

She also said that it would be better for parents to seek for a professional help immediately if they suspected that their child has contracted the infectious disease

This is because the child will need to be quarantined and it is important for parents to not bring their sick child to a public place to avoid other young children from contracting the virus

The viruses that cause HFMD can easily spread through direct contact from the infected person including:

  • Discharge from nose and throat
  • Urine and stool
  • Fluid from blisters

Amrina wrote that her post would alert other parents to always prepare and bring antiseptic spray, antibacterial wipes, and hand sanitizer to avoid repeating her mistake

It is certainly difficult to disinfect every object that your child plays with like the public playground but you can still avoid the risk of your loved one from getting infections by washing their hands with soap and water every time after they have finished playing.

Sources: Facebook/Amrina Meena 


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