Unbearable sights of ‘We Bare Bears’ inflatables at Palawan Beach get squished and damaged by selfish visitors


More than 300 inflatables of the popular cartoon, “We Bare Bears” were placed on Palawan Beach as part of Sentosa’s Fun Fest. The fest which was held from 10 to 18 March saw hundreds of local and foreign visitors having fun taking pictures with the adorable inflatables which featured 300 inflatables of the three main characters of the cartoon, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear! Unfortunately, it was not long before the public started to treat the inflatables a little harshly than they should.

Even though signs displayed in the beach area obviously warned the public to not sit on and feed the bears, some visitors chose to feign ignorance by sitting on the delicate inflatables.

These are the following photos that can be found on Instagram which may be disturbing to We Bare Bears fans.

This visitor does not show remorse for deflating one of the adorable We Bare Bears inflatables at all

An epitome of selfishness: Although the sign was clearly displayed, this man chose to sit on a Grizzly inflatable

“The bear legs collapsed when I sat on it.”

Clearly, it was not meant to be seated on

No, you neither love animals nor respect them

The inflatables collapsed on the ground as a group of visitors sat on them

Sadly, the child copied the immature behaviour of the adults

Here is a photo of Ice Bear frowning in pain as someone uses him as a pillow

One of Panda inflatables found himself lifted off the ground when it was originally anchored to the sand

Another visitor who lifted the inflatable off the sand

Worse, there are people who think the sign only forbid the public from sitting on the inflatables

A distressing sight where the signs are obviously displayed and yet are ignored by the public


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