Heartwarming story of a man who was born with a cleft lip adopted a baby girl with the same condition


When Brian who was born with a cleft lip saw Hattie who was also born with the same condition, he instantly felt a strong connection with the little girl and wished to give her the better life she deserved.

A cleft lip is a condition when the upper lip forms an opening that extends to the nose while a cleft palate is when the roof of the mouth extends an opening to the nose.

They are the results of tissues not joining properly during gestation and are classified as birth defects

Brian is married to his beloved wife, Molly Pierce. When they were on their honeymoon trip, they met a couple who adopted a 12-year-old girl from China as their daughter. Since the meeting, Brian and his wife were determined to adopt a child.

Thus, they went to an adoption agency in realising their dream as parents one day.

Soon, Brian caught Hattie’s picture and felt an instant connection to the baby girl

His wife also felt the same.

“She smiles with her eyes,” said Molly

However, they had to go through a rigorous and strict process to adopt Hattie but it never stopped them. Once the process had gone through, they finally got to bring Hattie to their home where she met their daughter and pet dog.

“Everyone who saw Hattie fell in love with her. Other children love playing with her too,” Brian said

Hattie then underwent a surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate at a children’s hospital in Atlanta, the same hospital where Brian had undergone the same surgery 40 years ago.

Now, she can flash a perfect smile!

Lucky for Hattie, she now lives a better life with her loving family and has a perfect smile thanks to her parents.

Watch her video here


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