10 pictures of how horrifying roommates that will destroy your faith in people!


We’ve all had our fair share of horror stories involving our roommates. Whether they get on your nerves because they are constantly playing loud music or that they have terrible hygiene, the following images will be sure to put you in a better mood because these are the best of the worst roommates.

Brace yourself because these images will make you cringe but you’ll feel better about your current living situation.

#1 Imagine coming back  home from a long trip to this

Credits: -sUBzERoo- / Reddit

#2 I asked him to put the toilet paper on the holder and this is what he does

Credits: Lapoon / Imgur

#3 I leave for a week and come back to a tin foil prison

Credits: Trustyyy / Imgur

#4 There’s a special place in hell for people who do this 

Credits: Jackycat1 / Reddit

#5 My housemate melted the only good pot we have. Lord, give me patience

Credits: lunchablelector / Imgur

#6 My roommate has too much free time on her hands

Credits: Mattis1667 / Imgur

#7 I asked my roommate to do one thing! We starved that night 

#8 I nearly fell over!

Credits: kurishae / Reddit

#9 Clearly, my roommate does not know how to read or follow directions

Credits: 9378West / Reddit

#10 They say a little bit of charcoal is good for the diet

Credits: -CaliforniaRoll- / Reddit


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