A simple tip to help reduce your energy consumption—Lady shares how she managed to cut down her bill from US$53.01 to just US$10.31 a month


Do you always dread receiving your electricity bill at the end of the month? You recalled that you haven’t used much of the electricity in your house throughout the month but the bill is still high.

Most people would just let a sigh and pay the bills every month. However, do you know there are ways to lower your energy usage and lower the cost of your bill? It’s time to live more efficiently and cut down on unnecessary spending.

Receiving a high bill at the end of the month is always a pain

Facebook user Liyana Syazwani shared a simple tip on how she managed to receive a RM39.89 (US$ 10.31) electricity bill from her typical RM205 (US$ 53.01). Her energy-saving method has helped her reduce energy usage and save a lot of extra money at the end of the month. In an entry she wrote on 22nd December 2015, she and her family would switch off and pull the plug of any unused electrical appliances.

One easy thing you could do is to pull the plug off the television, computer or other electronic devices when they are not in use 

This is because electrical appliances still consume 10% – 60% of power even when they are on standby mode and some electronic devices like digital set-top boxes consumed as much power on standby mode as when they are switched on!

According to Liyana, she only let certain electrical appliances like the refrigerator, air-conditioner, and water heater to run in standby mode. After a few months, the result of her simple energy-saving tip has helped her to lower her electricity bill drastically!

This is the drastic reduction on her monthly bills over seven months starting from June until December 2015

  • June – RM 205 (US$ 53.01)
  • July – RM 163.41 (US$ 42.25)
  • August – RM 121.21 (US$ 31.34)
  • September – *no record*
  • October – RM 63.64 (US$ 16.46)
  • November – RM 84 (US$ 21.72)
  • December – RM 39.89 (US$ 10.31)

She wrote that the electricity bills between June and August were her typical monthly bills before she started to pull the plug off of any electrical appliances that are not in use.

Liyana explained that her bill for November was slightly higher since her husband was not used to the tip yet as he always left his laptop to charge overnight

She added that even a simple action like pulling a plug would give a tremendous difference in your electricity bills! Though for those who aren’t used to this method, they may need more time for it to become a habit.

Share this article and hopefully we can all learn to save electricity.


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