AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes apologised after a video of the airline’s baggage handlers throwing bicycles drew public rage


Recently, a shocking video took the media spotlight after it reveals two AirAsia baggage handlers throwing the bicycles of the passengers onboard onto the ground, causing them to be greatly damaged. 

In the video which was taken on 21 March, the baggage handlers are seen dragging two bags containing the bicycles from the conveyor belt before throwing them onto the ground, evoking the onlookers to exclaim in disbelief.

Sources: Facebook/Fen Lim

The video has been circulated by at least three different Facebook profiles which are believed to be the owners of the damaged bicycles who are also the passengers of the flight from Kaohsiung to KLIA2.

One of the bicycle owners, Fen Lim who discovered that her bicycle was damaged after the flight wrote on her Facebook: “Thanks AirAsia…you broke my bike.” Her post has been shared over 32,000 times

Sources: Facebook/Fen Lim

Another fellow passenger, Karen Siah, urged AirAsia Group CEO, Tony Fernandes to “urge your staff to be a bit more careful with our ‘babies'”.

“They cost a lot of money and we really don’t want to bring home broken bike parts because we flew on your flights.”

Within a day after the video was posted on social media, it quickly spread across Malaysia and attracted thousands of comments from the equally surprised netizens. Some even shared a similar experience with other airlines.

Since the video sparked controversy over the low-cost airline’s baggage handling system, Fernandes has expressed his remorse over the unfortunate incident and said that the airline will “take full responsibility.”

Sources: Facebook/Fen Lim

“We now have a joint venture ground handling company called GTR. But we take full responsibility,” he wrote.

“After meeting all my ramp boys and girls I’m really disappointed. We are a company that if we make a mistake we stand up and take the heat. We will get better. Apologies,” he added.

Later, AirAsia CEO, Riad Asmat who is also a cyclist released an apology video on 22 March for the airline’s staffs inconsiderate action and announced that all handling fees for bicycles will be waived for the month of April

“Firstly, I would like to apologise on behalf of AirAsia to the cyclists, obviously, who were affected. As a cyclist myself, I was pretty disturbed when I saw the actions of our ramp staff. Rest assured, we are looking into the matter very seriously, and stern action will be taken accordingly,” he said

We are sorry. Bikes are for riding, not throwing. Here's our CEO's promise to you.

We are sorry. Bikes are for riding, not throwing. Here's our CEO's promise to you.

Posted by AirAsia on Thursday, March 22, 2018

“With that, I hope that we will continue to improve ourselves, attention has been put into this particular example, and as a gesture of goodwill, for the month of April, we would like to waive all fees with regards to bicycle transportation.”

Watch the viral video here

Posted by Fen Lim on Wednesday, March 21, 2018


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