This simple test can reveal something about your personality, depending on which of these sun silhouettes you chose


Believe it or not, the fact is that we are subconsciously drawn to different things in life depending on our psyche. There is a reason we prefer some things over others and when we determine why that is, it can reveal certain things about ourselves that we may not have consciously noticed before.

Below is a test which can prove what kind of person you are depending on which image you choose. Try it out and see for yourself if it proves true.

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Pick a silhouette of a sun which appeals to you the most and find out what it says about you as a person.

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Option 1

A special trait that you posses is the ability to stay positive as you are constantly looking for ways to improve yourself and your situation. You very seldom feel frustrated and you have a clam disposition.

You are also a great friend because you support the people around you. You’re almost always cheerful and try your very best not to hurt the people around you. You are good at choosing your friends and keeping them.

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Option 2

There are two things you consider to be important in your life; personal space and respect. You can be a bit of an introvert because you value your own personal time and that means you sometimes forego spending time with friends.

You like simplicity and honesty which means you are very frank with your peers. This sometimes makes you a target to be taken advantage of but you have good natural instincts to help you.

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Option 3

You are intelligent and you posses a spirit of wonder. You are constantly on the look out for knowledge and adventure in your life. You are transparent and open-minded because you don’t have a tendency to judge others.

You are also a natural born leader because of your charisma as well as your gift with words. People around you can’t help but to follow your lead and adopt your values.

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Option 4

You are a person with the capacity to gain incredible power. You are brave and willing to take risks because you don’t believe in playing it safe. You put value on the opportunities life presents and won’t let them slip by you.

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Option 5

You have the ability and willingness to help people in trouble even at the expense of yourself. You like aiding people in any way you can and you’re considered a hero by many.

You are also extremely intuitive but rarely share your views or ideals with the people around you.

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Option 6

The people who chose this sun silhouette are always happy-go-lucky. They make it a point to enjoy every moment because they realize they only have a relatively short time on earth and want to make the most of it.

You face each obstacle head-on and take each difficulty you encounter as a learning opportunity. You don’t take well to constructive criticism and always believe you are doing the right thing.

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Option 7

You are easily inspired with new goals and you try your very best to achieve them. With this being said, many of your goals can be unrealistic and you won’t be able to achieve everything you set your mind to in this lifetime.

Many people look to you for inspiration because of your perseverance and dedication. You have unknowingly influenced people to follow in your footsteps.

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Option 8

You have a level of patience that many people envy and wish they had. You never hold onto a grudge and believe in second chances. You are a mature person and always thinks things through before doing something.

You value common sense and you try to cover all the pros and cons of a task before setting out to do it.


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