Talented photographer gives a homeless couple a makeover and the results are unbelieavable


In this materialistic world where money often comes first, Muchiri Frames, a talented photographer from Nairobi, Kenya shows that true love is unconditional and purest in its simplest form and no one is better to prove it than a homeless couple!

While many people would think that relationship needs love and money to work out, Muchiri Frames proves otherwise by featuring a homeless couple in his photo shoot and the results were beyond amazing.

Together with his team, they decided to do something special for Valentine’s Day and that was when they met Sammy, who is also known as Blackie at Central Park in Nairobi. Sammy has been living on the street for a while now

When asked if he had ever been in love, Sammy’s eyes started to lit up and he began to describe his girlfriend. They met each other on the streets of Nairobi where both of them lived

What initially just a friendship soon started to blossom into a romantic relationship

Their relationship left a mark on Muchiri and his team as their love did not base on material wealth, a complete slap on today’s reality

Hence, for the special day, Muchiri along with his team decided to give the couple an amazing makeover to celebrate their special relationship and the results were…

Behind the scene of the photo shoot where Sammy’s girlfriend got her hair and nails done

They both went through a makeup session from stylists and professional makeup artists

“Under the inspiration of love in its simplest form, we celebrated Valentine‘s with these amazing souls and came out with great testimonies.”


“Indeed, beneath all the dirt, tattered clothes and slurred speeches there lies beautiful individuals who would thrive like the rest of us if we offered them the opportunities,” says the author on his website


His girlfriend, Virginia, applies a layer of lipstick with a bold colour on her lips 

New hair, new clothes and a bright smile!

Sammy getting ready before the photo shoot began

“Love doesn‘t discriminate, here is proof.”

Virginia is a soft-spoken girl with a humble smile and witty conversation. She has been living on the streets of Nairobi on and off for the past two years

A few bumps into each other at Central Park later sparked a friendship between the two of them. That was how she met her boyfriend, Sammy

In spite of lacking in almost everything, the couple’s relationship grew stronger over time

Their makeover was a part of a project called ‘Glued For Life’ which was also captured in a video that has been viewed by thousands of people. Since the incredible makeover made rounds on the internet, job offers began to pour in for the couple

“Changing a life while documenting the journey through our art. That is how we settled on the street love story, Muchiri Frames added.”

Now, the couple are no longer homeless.

“They now have a house with rent paid upfront for five months and job offers. They are yet to settle on any job offers as the process of counselling and integration is key to ensure they do not slide back to the streets.”

Their love story certainly proves that true love is above money and status. We hope that Sammy and Virginia continue to live happily ever after

Sources: Muchiri Frames




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