A compilation of recordings of babies eating lemons—their reactions are sure to tickle your funny bone


Lemons are considered a common ingredient in the food industry. A lot of chefs, bakers, and cooks would use lemons in their cooking.

Either sweet or savory, lemon can be used in most types of cooking. The acidity and sour flavor of the lemon serves to complement and create a wide variety of flavors. Whether you are roasting a chicken, steaming a fish, or baking a cake, lemons can be an essential ingredient in making the food delicious.

Watch the video below to see how the babies would react when given a taste of the lemon:

Babies who are not familiar with its sour taste may not find it appealing

For adults, they may already be accustomed to the sour taste of the lemon but for babies, their taste buds are still developing and they may find it hard to be appealing. A video compilation showed how babies would react when given a slice of the acidic fruit.

Some of them did not respond well to the lemon


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