From the tree to the supermarket—an interesting clip of how oranges are processed


In the age of fast food, almost all of our meals can be obtained instantly and readily made. We tend to forget the processes involved regarding how the food came to be. 

Take for example oranges. Have you ever wondered how they were processed before they were put on shelves in the supermarket? Do you have any concerns regarding hygiene or whether the fruit was sprayed with a high dose of pesticide? A video recording showed how oranges were processed from the moment they were harvested until they were ready to shipped and sold.

Watch the video below to see how the oranges were processed from the moment they were harvested:


Most factories will have a quality control to ensure that only the best oranges were selected for the consumers

All the oranges harvested would have to undergo several processes to check for their quality

They would be washed, sterilized, and sorted into categories

Once they’ve gone through the process, they were packed and ready to be sold to supermarkets around the world

With the development of technology, the process of harvesting fruits have become easier and a lot more productive. It is interesting to see how the agricultural industry would progress in the future ahead.



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