These children developed a unique game of rock-paper-scissors—you will sure to find it entertaining


Rock-paper-scissors is considered a famous game that most of us have played during our childhood.

There is not much strategy involved in playing this game other than just guessing what your opponent would draw out. Over time, the game tends to get boring so there needs to be a twist to make it more interesting. These kids have added in a little creativity of their own to increase the fun.

Watch the video below:

The one who loses will get their face covered with charcoal

This game mostly depends on luck and there’s no guarantee that you can win all of the time. So naturally, you would encounter a turn when you would lose and that’s when the fun starts.

The winner has the privileged to smother the face of the loser with charcoal. In the video, the kids used the bottom of of a skillet to attained the charcoal. They kept on playing and none of them felt offended when the other one smothered each other’s faces.

In the end all of them have their face covered black

It is amazing how children can have fun from a just a simple thing as a black covered face. One thing for sure, their parents would definitely have a hard time cleaning once their done.


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