Woman demonstrate how to prevent thieves from stealing inside your backpack—you would be surprise to see what she does


The art of stealing has become quite prevalent in certain communities. Pickpockets are getting more creative in their methods to steal valuables from other people.

Which is why we must also create a creative way to prevent ourselves from getting robbed. A video recording showed how a woman cleverly tricked a thief from stealing the inside of her backpack.

 It seemed the woman was just walking calmly on an empty street

The thief slowly and quietly approached the woman from behind. He then started to unzip the woman’s backpack to steal the contents inside.

Watch the video and see what the woman does to prevent her property from getting stolen inside:


The woman unsuspectingly kept on walking as the thief attempted to steal her belongings

Suddenly, the thief was shocked and he fell down. What did he saw? 

It is important to always stay alert of your surroundings especially when you are walking alone. Always prepare a preventive measure so that you would be prepared in case anything bad happens.


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