31-year-old mother goes to kindergarten with her daughter because of one heartbreaking reason


Shi Xiaoqin is a 31-year-old mother with two children. Due to her family’s financial struggle when she was young, she missed the chance to go to school. She grew up not knowing how to write or to read. Now, her five-year-old daughter is enrolling in a kindergarten and Xiaoqin thought that it was the time for her to make up for her lost childhood — by attending the kindergarten with her daughter.

In 2003, Xiaoqin married her husband, Long Yan and they settled down in Guizhou. Her husband works at a construction site to support their family but his pay could barely support them and their young children. So, Xiaoqin went to apply for jobs at several companies but sadly, she was rejected because she is illiterate.

Following rejection after rejection, Xiaoqin is determined to learn reading and writing. She also hopes that by attending the kindergarten, she can help teach her children and secure a job for herself.

“Once I know how to read and write, I can help my daughter learn at home, and when she grows up, she will have the chance to get a good job.”

Xiaoqin is aware what others think of her but she cannot care less. She is happy to attend the class and plays with her younger classmates during breaks

“I don’t care what others think of me. Accompanying my daughter in class not only helps me to pick up new knowledge but also allows me to better teach my daughter.”

She just started her classes last month but she never forgets her responsibilities as a mother. After school, she tends to chores, her children, and their grandparents.

Even though it is a new experience for her and she is still finding a balance between her studies and family, Xiaoqin is making a great progress.

Her teacher, Chi Mingxia said: “Shi Xiaoqin studies hard. She has grasped a lot about Mandarin’s pinyin and recognises many characters. She has set a good example for the other children at our school.”

We wish her the best for future endeavours and we are looking forward to seeing her graduating one day!


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