Girl thought she was going to get a ticket when she was pulled over by a police officer—what happened next touched her heart


Most of the time, when you are pulled over by a police officer, it usually is never a good sign. So, when Chy-Niece Thacker who was on her way to a job interview was stopped by a policeman, she totally got nervous and had no idea what would happened to her. 

Chy-Niece was on her way to an interview on Friday morning when she saw blue lights coming from behind her car. She quickly realized that the police car was signalling her to pull over. She then stopped her car by the roadside, nervously waiting for the police to approach her. Chy-Niece was worried and anxious, she had no idea why she was asked to pull over when she was not even driving fast and that she always signals at every turn. The fact that she was already nervous for her job interview did not help her to calm down.

So, what could she have done wrong?


While she was pulling out her driving license from her bag, Officer Jenkins said to her: “Don’t worry about pulling anything out. I just want you to know that your brake lights are out.”

Apparently, Chy-Niece’s brake lights were broken. She immediately felt upset since she had replaced the lights last month and the mechanic, Firestone even wanted to charge her US$600 to do a test wiring of her car. Fearing that she might get a ticket because of her broken brake light, Chy-Niece explained about the light to Officer Jenkins but what happened next totally surprised her!

In response, Officer Jenkins gave his time and spent 30 minutes to repair the broken light.

“He checked the lights in the trunk and tapped them, but they didn’t come on. So he told me to pop the hood to check the relay box then asked me to get out to check the other one,” Chy-Niece said.

The officer could easily give her a ticket for the broken brake light but instead, he took the role of a mechanic to make sure she was okay. “He’s going above and beyond his position, he didn’t have to do that,” she explained. “He said, ‘I care more about your safety than giving you a ticket. I thought, ‘He’s an angel, he’s a blessing.'”

Following the heartwarming gesture of Officer Jenkins, Chy-Niece posted the incident on her Facebook. The post received over 97,000 shares so far

Officer Jenkins was unable to fix her broken light but Chy-Niece said the police advised her to turn on her hazard lights instead. He then followed her to the closest mechanic to make sure she would safely arrive there.

“We’ve seen so many stories where a traffic stop has turned into the death [of an officer], and it’s given people a bad taste in their mouth. I think this one officer helping can set a trend,” Chy-Niece said.

Sometimes, it is the simplest act of kindness that can touch a human’s heart. We should never take anything for granted.

Sources: Newsner


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