Here are 15 images of epic road work failures that will leave you scratching your head and make you go “What were they thinking”?!


Nobody is a fan of road works because not only do they cause delays and massive congestion on the roads but the construction can be exceedingly annoying when it is prolonged or done repeatedly without any warning.

However we know that road works and street maintenance has to be done from time to time in order to ensure that the lanes are safe for use. With this being said, there exists hilariously epic failures that you cannot help but to laugh at because of the whole irony of it. Below are 15 examples of these road fails to brighten your day:

Did the paint machine go rogue?

Was this really necessary

You had one job!

Imagine living in this neighborhood 

Are they trying to tell us something? 

This is the epitome of “Only doing what you were told”

We don’t believe this was thoroughly planned or thought out 

That’s one way to beat the jam

Train passengers may feel some turbulence during their commute but as long as the cable is safe, it’s fine 

A classic example of unintelligent design 

This is so confusing!

It is clear that somebody messed up 

When you have to find ways to entertain yourself while doing your job

This could be a classic case of a difference in opinion

Cyclists beware!


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