Makeup products from 8 famous Korean cosmetic brands are recalled for containing harmful heavy metal


According to The Investor, Korea’s Minister of Food and Drug Safety has recently revealed that a total of 13 products from well-known cosmetic brands contain dangerous levels of toxic ingredients. 

On March 19, the ministry has discovered excessive amounts of antimony in several products produced by ODM cosmetics maker Hwasung Cosmetic. Antimony is a heavy metal content that can cause sicknesses such as irritation and gastrointestinal disorder in users. While traces of heavy metals can make their way into the products during the manufacturing process inevitably, the local regulator bans the usage of more than 10㎍/g of antimony in finished products.

The ministry has suspended the sales of the 13 cosmetic products sold at eight companies and has ordered a recall on March 19. Companies involved are Aritaum, Etude House, Makeheal, XTM Style Homme, Black Monster, SKEDA, Skinfood and 3CE

Amorepacific Corporation, South Korea’s giant cosmetic company has released a statement regarding the issue. “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and will recall the relevant Aritaum and Etude House products,” the company said in a statement. 

“We will do our best to prevent similar cases from happening again. Customers who have products on the recall list can visit Aritaum or Etude House stores to get the products exchanged or refunded.”

Following are the banned products of the companies involved:


  • Full Cover Stick Concealer 2g (#01 LightBeige & #02 Natural Beige)

  • Full Cover Cream Concealer 2.5g (#01 Light Beige & Natural Beige & #02 Olive Green & Pink)

Etude House

  • AC Clean Up Mild Concealer

  • Drawing Eye Brow Pencil #03 Brown

XTM Style Homme

  • For Men Easy Stick Concealer 2.2g

Korea Black Monster

  • Black Erasing Pen 2.2g Men Face Concealer


  • Homme Spot Concealer


  • Cherry Full Lip Liner (Rose Cherry)


  • Slim Eyebrow Pencil (Chestnut Brown)


  • Naked Slip Brow Pencil BR0203

  • Naked Slip Brow Pencil YL0801

If you use any of these products or know anyone who uses it, it is advised to stop using it immediately.

Sources: The Investor


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