Netizens are fascinated by this dog’s unique features—you wouldn’t believe it when you see how this dog looks


Take a moment to look at this dog, notice anything peculiar? Well if you did a double-take, you would’ve noticed that this pup has a face that resembled a human man. 

This one-year-old puppy possesses incredibly human-like features and you cannot help but see a man’s face on the dog once you’ve noticed. A picture of the shih-poo named Yogi was uploaded on the internet by his owner Chantal Desjardins. Many netizens thought his face was the result of a face-swap application found on social media applications like Snapchat and Instagram but they were sorely mistaken.

Many users thought this was the result of a face-swap application at first

Once they realized that it was actually the pooch’s face and not some sort of media trickery, they were stunned at the uncanny resemblance. Yogi’s face looked more akin to that of a sad man rather than a normal dog’s face. His owner said she’d never noticed the resemblance before, not until her friends started pointing it out.

Look at the difference between Yogi and his sister Darla, an 8-year-old Shih Tzu

She uploaded the photo of her dogs on Facebook and it was only then that it occurred to her that it was not only her friends who thought that way, but also other netizens as well. She told Buzzfeed “My friends were freaking out” and added that the pictures of Yogi were “not photo-shopped at all.”

Yogi has human-like melancholic eyes as compared to other dogs who have round dark eyes 

One of her friends took to Reddit and posted a picture of Yogi on the platform. It was there that the image of her dog went viral. She received many comments along the lines of “this is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen” and “he looks like Nicholas Cage as an Ewok.”

 Despite having a man-face, Desjardins said she love her dogs nonetheless

Some commentators have pointed out what made Yogi resembled a human so much and they decided that it was his eyes. Instead of having dark and round eyes like regular dogs, Yogi has a somewhat melancholic look about his eyes. His pursed lips look like they add to the whole uncanny nature of his face.

Have you encountered any animals like Yogi? Do share your experience.


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