A chef turns a simple ordinary sweet potato into an extraordinary masterpiece—you would be amazed at the result


The culinary world is not complete without the element of food art. Sometimes, the way the food is presented is just as important as its taste.

We tend to hear the advice “don’t judge a book by its cover”. However, for food, presentation can be a key factor in determining its whether its good or not. Generally, most people wouldn’t dare to get near a food that is sloppy and disgusting. So, the art of plating is considered important as well. 

In a viral video, a chef decided to take food art to the next level by carving them into a masterpiece

Watch the video and see how the chef’s amazing technique in creating a masterpiece:

The food is carved to make it more beautiful and presentable. The chef’s creativity in transforming the food into something beautiful is truly impressive. One might not believe that the end result is actually a potato in the beginning.

An ordinary sweet potato is carefully carved to change it into something extraordinary 

From just seeing how the chef worked, we would know that it is not an easy task to perform. Transforming something simple into a work of art requires years of practice and determination. One must also have an eye for detail and a vast imagination.

It takes years of practice and skill to perfect the concept of a food art

The key to create beautiful works of art requires patience and imagination

Some of the carved food were merely meant for decorative purposes as they have not been cooked. Certain types of food can be considered edible and can be eaten raw. For this sweet potato, we can assume that it is merely to serve as a decoration.


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